Healing & Rituals


Nadine is a Reiki Master and also Reiki Teacher she is a powerful healer who hopes to heal and create a sense of wellness and peace for every patient she works with. While one treatment can bring much healing and transformation we recommend talking to Nadine about a series of treatment to be able to best benefit your wellbeing both in mind, body and soul.

Reiki balances our energy systems utilizing the universal life force energy, promoting the body's natural ability to heal on all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It is a way to realize the oneness of life, the interconnectedness of everything.  It is a gentle yet powerful therapy that can help restore balance and calm in the body.  When someone is treated with reiki, they are brought back to a state of unity and harmony with their mind, body and spirit.  Reiki is fantastic for treating pain in the physical body as well as more emotional ailments such as anxiety and depression.

$155 I 60 - 90 minutes


Emma is a Facilitator for Gaia, a Warrior for Love, a Witness of the Divine and is here to empower, connect and guide others to see there own sacredness, their own divinity and their limitless potential for LOVE.
Emma has had a strong connection ever since she was a little girl, to Spirit, to the Earth and to the ability to access her own abundant power and intuitive guidance that is within us all.

Emma is a healer and intuitive, a shamanic goddess, ceremonial cacao facilitator, a mystic and dream weaver, a light worker, a nurturer and fire starter and she is here for YOU! The space that is created during a one on one session with Emma is sacred, soft and will encompass new and old ways to help us connect, transmute old energy and fill those spaces with gold. Emma will listen and encourage, get real with you through love and guide you to witness your own true limitless potential within.  These sessions are each all so unique and heart led, and may involve a variety of modalities including ceremonial cacao, shamanic work, intuitive healing and guidance, tarot, movement and breath work. Emma will have an oil prepared prior to your experience that has been intuitively individually handcrafted for you personally. 

Come on and journey with me for we are never alone x

$222 I 60 minutes



Vader-Ann can help guide you with

- trapped emotions & guiding you to heal your relationship with food and yourself.
- mindful & intuitive eating.
- adrenal fatigue & stress.
- hormonal imbalances.
- digestion issues.
- low-toxic and more sustainable living.
- general guidance on current health values.
- whole-food approach and eating from the earth.
- mindset and motivation around nourishing our temples.

Initial Holistic Nutrition Journey

Allow me to take you on a journey and equip you with the right tools and support- to connect with your innate healing abilities and find balance within your being.
- discussion around your current health and lifestyle values.
- an in-depth holistic assessment of mind, body & spirit- to gain greater insight of your being.
- individualised lifestyle and nutrition guidance to support your health values and your innate ability to heal and nurture.
- resources to support you; including / recipes, meditations, practices etc.
- intuitively tapping into and releasing any underlying emotional / nervous system stressors.
- support throughout your journey.

60 minutes | $140

Follow-Up Holistic Nutrition Journey 

re/connect with me to . . .
- dive into what challenges and successes have arose for you with your journey thus far.
- tweaking to your guidance to align with your values and create additional ones.
- further intuitive healing modalities if required.

30 minutes | $75 


Creative Arts Therapy
A professionally trained and experienced Integrative Arts Therapist, Rachel is also an intuitive empath and healer. With her passion for healing Arts she offers a holistic approach to her 1:1 sessions, utilising the wisdom of the whole Self; body, mind, heart, soul and spirit. Engaging creatively, you are guided through various modalities, mediums and processes to access what sits in the unconscious waiting to be seen, heard, felt and acknowledged ‘as it is’ in any given moment. Individual sessions will go as deep as a person is willing to go relative to how safe they feel in their expression of Self. With a strong love of community Rachel believes everything happens in relationship, with self, others and environments, and has observed the multitude of benefits from forming positive therapeutic relationships within a supportive environment.
By gently guiding and encouraging with curiosity, flexibility and spontaneity as her closest allies, you will feel safe and held from a place of empathy, understanding and non-judgement.
We each uniquely favour different forms of ‘creative communication’ for when words just aren’t enough. Language can be limiting and so we can speak of our inner world through movement, sound, clay, paint, play, dance and more. Always, and in all ways the heart, mind, body and soul desires to express, bring coherence, and access inner knowledge. All is welcome and valid.
By practicing what she preaches as a ‘non-artist’ Arts Therapist, Rachel regularly engages in the Expressive Arts, in therapy sessions and fun workshops. Growing and maintaining self-love through self-care, she walks her talk to be in service to others. These sessions are for everyone.
60 minutes | $111
90 minutes | $155


As a holistic counsellor I am honoured to guide you back to your inherent magnificence through Rebirthing Breathwork. This potent modality works to get you out of your own way, by removing obstruction. Obstruction shows up in our lives as trauma, energy blocks, physical ailments, unsettled nervous systems and unbalanced moods … and your breath is your medicine. In rebirthing Breathwork, YOU are the healer. I just create the space so that the body is able to spontaneously and intelligently come back into deeper alignment. 

A gentle, connected breath combined with a safe and loving container, work together to navigate you through;
Physical pain in the body
Skin problems
Chronic fatigue
Addictive behaviour
Irritable bowel syndrome
Anger or being short tempered
Feelings of anxiety or depression
Compulsive and impulsive behaviours
To name only a few human conditions that the breath can help to release and soften. 

$250  I  1:1 
$350  I  2:1 Immerse & Experience with a Friend
$555  I  Small Groups / Private Ceremony 
I am available most days on request. Allow for two hours and I recommend that you prepare yourself  by making sure you are well rested and have eaten lightly 2 hours prior

Kahuna Massage

KaHuna Bodywork, a healing system derived from the ancient Polynesian methods of restoring balance to the body, mind and spirit.  Through this treatment of the physical body, powerful healing is able to take place more quickly and completely on the physical, psychological and spiritual levels. Polynesian philosophy all has to do with moving forward, changing and acknowledging that you are creating your own reality by what you think, say and do.

This beautiful form of Bodywork creates harmony and unity within the self while helping to heal aches and pains, wounds, broken bones and encourages a psychological balance which helps to calm stress.  It is unique in a lot of different ways. The practitioner uses their hands, forearms and elbows and moves around the table using flowing movements over the body that brings fresh oxygen to every cell. They work with energy to apply soft and deep tissue massage, which eventually, release past life memory, stress and trauma locked in the subconscious mind.  During the session, music is played and the practitioner attunes the flow of the massage to harmonise the various rhythms within the client’s body, mind and spirit.  Every session you will experience is unique.

Sometimes it is physical healing and relaxation, sometimes stuck emotions are unlocked which can be expressed by crying, laughing or smiling. Another time you might experience energy shifts and deeper connection to your soul.

KaHuna is an exquisite form of massage as well as a pathway to remarkable healing process.

60 minutes | $160
90 minutes | $190   

Please send your booking request for Kahuna as our Professional Green Girl who specialises in this goddess ritual has limited availability Sunday-Wednesday

Access Bars Facilitator & Practitioner, Empowerment Coach and Mindset Coach

Hi my name is Laura, I am an Access Bars Facilitator & Practitioner, Empowerment Coach and Mindset Coach. I am here to help you realise that there is nothing wrong with you. I would like to help create a world where we can be our truest self, stripping away all the other layers of heaviness we have picked up along our journey. Nothing makes me happier than seeing people shine after a session. I can offer guidance in all areas of life. Access Bars is great on it's own and I also offer the option to talk and do some energetic clearing throughout the sessions if you desire. 
Can't wait to see meet you.

60 minutes | $110
90 minutes | $150   

Available Mondays and Tuesdays. Please email to request an appointment. 


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